The Power of Food and Acne


Just me

and I couldn’t be happier with my messy bun head.

We all know the expression “let your hair down” and it’s true meaning to relax and enjoy yourself, but today I threw my hair up high and celebrated because for the past year I had my hair down, but there was nothing relaxing about it. I had been hiding behind my hair and came to realize the awful deflation of self esteem that comes with acne.

Yes. Acne. I was 40 years old and dealing with my first bout of full force, inflamed, painful acne. It started on the right side of my face and slowly grew to the left side. I refused to go to a dermatologist because I knew I’d be in the waiting room for an hour, overpay for a visit and then pay for a cream that would do absolutely nothing for me. Maybe it was my hormones? I DID just turn 40. I thought it could be my makeup or beauty products, but I was already an Honest Beauty fan. I began looking deep into ingredients and paid even more attention to “clean” products. I got facials religiously, which helped a little bit, but those zits kept on rearing their ugly heads on my poor face. I immediately understood how all of these kids felt like growing up. How embarrassing it could feel. How “ugly” I felt. I especially felt for boys or men even dealing with this. At least I could try to hide behind makeup and let my long locks cover what they could. I used to be able to run out with no makeup and toss my hair in a messy bun, but those days were gone. Was I stressed? No, not really. Everything I was doing wasn’t working. I kept thinking to myself, “how am I supposed to be a health coach with a face like this?” I’m supposed to walk my talk and everything on my face shows that there’s something wrong, something is going on in my body. But at this point in time, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I eat well. I exercise regularly. I don’t eat many sweets or refined carbs. Sure I enjoy a treat occasionally, but my overall diet is pretty darn clean. This is when I decided to become my own first client and take everything I was learning to become a health coach and apply it to myself.

Everything I was learning was telling me it all begins in the gut. Your outward glow, health and appearance begins in the gut, but my gut can’t be unhealthy. I don’t consume anything that’s bad. I added more leafy greens, more yogurt, more berries, more multi-collagen protein powder, but nothing was working. So, I dug deeper and asked myself what do I eat that people have allergies or sensitivities to? Gluten? No not really. Dairy? Not really. Eggs? Holy moly I freakin LOVE eggs. I eat eggs every single day. I love them for breakfast. I love them for dinner. I am a brunch fanatic. The eggs I was eating however were the good eggs! The $5 carton of pasture-raised eggs in the eco-friendly green carton!!! I’ve eaten eggs for years. Over and over again I kept coming back to eggs. The one thing I consume every single day. I experimented and I sadly, hesitantly took eggs out of my diet. I continued with my facials to help get rid of what was already there and slowly my “adult-onset” acne began to improve. Could this be a fluke?

After a few months of no eggs, I decided to do what is suggested when you’re going through an elimination diet and have an egg. Oh that was one delicious decadent egg!!! The next day, a pimple. THE NEXT DAY! Could that have been a fluke too? So I stopped the eggs again and then I decided to eat like complete crap. I had pizza and candy and ice cream. No pimples. I even baked cookies WITH eggs as an ingredient. No pimples. I was so confused at this point and I still somewhat am, but the one thing I know is that once again I ate plain eggs and that evening a pimple! Peace out eggs. I’ll miss you my dear friends. You incredible edible egg you. I’ll occasionally have you, but we just don’t get along and I’m okay with it.

I’ve lost track of time, but it’s been a good 5 months or so since I took eggs out of my diet and FINALLY today for the first time in over a year I comfortably threw my hair up with minimal makeup, walked out the door and I rocked my face!

The bottom line is this. Now more than ever, I believe strongly in the power of food. Food can heal, but it can also destroy you. One person’s food is another person’s poison. If acne was going on outside, what in the world was going on inside. That is beyond scary to me. I’m just grateful I took the time to listen to my body and figure it out and I’m grateful the only thing I was dealing with was acne. If you take anything out of this, I hope you take away to always listen to YOUR body and if you need someone to help you figure it out, I’m always here. 💕