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I’m a mother to 2 beautiful children and a wife to the hardest working, most supportive man I know. Don’t let the image fool you. My journey to motherhood was a roller coaster of emotions, a trying time. At a young age I dealt with menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea regulated by birth control pills. Ovarian cysts were a painful normalcy that resulted in laparoscopic surgery, essentially removing part of one ovary. A few years into a happy marriage, we decided to start a family which resulted in a miscarriage, a healthy beautiful girl, another miscarriage, and finally a healthy handsome boy. We decided to stop there as the rotation odds weren’t in our favor and my mind and body had had enough. I often look back and wonder if all of this (besides my 2 little loves) could have been avoided if only I knew then what I know now; how important the quality of food, the type of food and how we consume our food is to our bodies. Food truly is the best medicine and as women, our bodies go through a lot. We create new life, miracles, and blessings. We get lost in our every day, organized chaos. We focus our time and energy into our homes and our families and sometimes we lose focus on ourselves. What we often forget is that we must be present in this blessing we call life. That we need to have the energy and the passion and capacity to keep up with it all and in order to do that, we often need to hit the reset button and remember that our health is just as much a priority as anyone else’s. We are needed to run and jump and play and be present in this season that God has called to us. Our strength and sensitivity is one that is desired, admired and necessary to hold a family. We must take the time to make ourselves a priority and restore our bodies after such amazing miracles have been presented so that we can live our best life, our fullest life, and realize that only we are capable of making that happen. I invite you to restore yourself and to live every day with wonder, grace and passion. It’s never too late to be your personal best. I’d love to be your guide on the side and cheer you on to better health and wellness and a happier overall you.